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Lovepassion dating theme is a professional theme built for QuickDate, the Ultimate PHP Dating Platform. A modern, attractive theme that would stand out from the average. The project is our playground project, handled by our team at woodthemes.com

UI Designer
UI Design, Development, Branding, Logo, User Experience, User Interface
October 2020


When choosing the color scheme, Our goal has been to create a prominent digital experience with a particular aesthetic appeal for users. The accent colors are made to focus attention on important elements of the interface.

  • Coral
  • East Bay
  • Darkmode
  • Athens Grey
  • Purple Heart
  • Biloba Flower
  • Error

Desktop interface

Lovepassion theme takes the best components of QuickDate script to curate a theme with a minimal, beautiful design with a focus on lean layout and content structure. We switched the default boring empty states to a more retina-ready scalable illustrations.

Mobile interface

Lovepassion theme takes advantage of flexbox layouts without using floats, which keeps the theme perfectly optimized for mobile viewing. Although the mobile version of the theme is still in beta, improvements will be made with every theme update.